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The Santuario is born, answering a need in San Carlos for a refuge for animals in crisis. Loosely organized in the beginning, it was the forerunner and provided the main financial support and supplies for the SBPA San Carlos, A.C., the local Mexican civil association.
SBPA San Carlos A.C. is created. As the population of San Carlos expands, the needs in the animal community dramatically increase and result in the demand for increased animals services. The need gives rise to the formation of a community organization to service these needs. The SBPA San Carlos A.C. is formed by the founder of Santuario to provide these extended services and to involve community resources in meeting these critical needs.
Increased demand on resources result in the establishment of a tax-free U.S. corporation and SBPA Services, Inc. is born.
SBPA Services, Inc., headquarted in Tucson, Arizona is granted 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in the U.S.
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